Uncategorized Review Review Review: The Techobc com website is part of the scam that circulates a link to different parts of the Internet, which enables people to click on it and enter a happy New Year 2021 website as well as related wish and congratulations. Review

Some people reported the countdown of the year 2021 after clicking on the link, and there are also links related to Techobc com, which asks for people’s payment methods. People have become totally at sea with the kind of things that are going on with them. Review Review

It’s a must that whenever you get a link to a particular website, you need to have one thing in your mind that you’re not going to enter any confidential details, mostly if it happens to be bank details. The scamsters have only one purpose to cheat innocent people, so they wait and wait until they succeed in their designs. Review Review

Final verdicts
The scammers always try to find special occasions for festivals to catch up with ordinary people and innocent people, to draw their attention to them, and finally cheat them. You should stop transmitting all such links and make your friends understand those links so as not to link them to others.