TRENDS Reviews Reviews Reviews: Sierrostyle is a Bark Shirt Printer for customers throughout the country. Check out our reviews. Please leave a review. Be the first to leave a review for Sierrostyle. Reliable and great for the style of clothing that is hard to find in the US. The only complaint is that size is super difficult as every style and brand has a different size. Reviews Reviews

Hello his sierra style (our online fashion and clothing store) here, you have reached the contact page. Please feel free to send us a message via Instagram: @sierrostyle if you can’t reach us if you have any questions or requests. We would be very happy to help. Reviews


People know that the company doesn’t deliver the order, and you can kiss goodbye to your money. They don’t have the money if your package is lost. I was trying to sort this out politely with the support of the customer, which was so unwieldy to help. Every time I receive a generic template from the various employees, the answer would not apply to my case at all. Reviews Reviews

I’d explain the situation again and again, and they’d come back to me with a totally unhelpful response. But they were very clear that there would be no refund. What a non-ethical business. Save your money and nerves and buy it from a more reputable online store. It was just trying to prevent you from making my mistake.

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