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TRENDING Tee Shirt Tee Shirt Tee Shirt: In 2014, we started PERKO on a mission: to create easy and creative ways to help you put an end to the numerous pains and sufferings caused by back pain. Our first motivation is to better your everyday routine and our team. 
In our last year of Master’s degree at ESSEC, we both earned a major in engineering. Tee Shirt Tee Shirt

In our last year of my Master’s degree at ESSEC, we both earned a major in engineering. Dad of Alexis, the dentist has constantly experienced back pain and still has hunched over his patients. We began to think of a better option for him. Tee Shirt

We were also conscious that there were no great solutions. They were often too complicated, restrictive or – for example in the case of lumbar belts – short-term relief and muscular atrophy and therefore were not primarily concerned with the body’s mechanical problems which caused the pain. Tee Shirt Tee Shirt

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