Nextbase 300W Review

Nextbase 300W Review

Nextbase 300W Review: The Next Base 300W dash cam is designed specifically for use in fleet and business vehicles and is discreet, easy to fit, and provides 1080P full HD photos with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Next Base 300W dashcam fits comfortably on a windscreen or van and keeps drivers safe on the lane. On top, the 3M adhesive installs directly on the glass so that the complete 1080p HD camera can be captured with a wide-angle view of 140 degrees from the entire road ahead.

Nextbase 300W Review

The 300W is ideal for all windscreen angles with a revolving lens. The built-in wireless Internet is an easy way for you to pass Videos directly to a smartphone or a tablet (Apple or Android) without any difficulty of connecting to a PC.

  • The special discreet concept for a stable 3M adhesive mounted windscreen mounting.
  • 3M adhesive install for protected windscreen
  • 6G photo quality glass lens 300W Review

Activated WiFi – study, stream and share images through the Next Base application

G-Force Sensor locks incident files automatically.

When motion is detected (power necessary), the camera automatically registers.

Nextbase 300W Review

Adjustable camera lens for cars, vans and cards

Highly wide view to catch the entire action

Next Base 3 Replay applications for PC and Mac Games, Edit and Share footage

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