Natti Natasha Net Worth: How Rich Is Natti Natasha Singer?

Net worth
Natti Natasha Net Worth
Natti Natasha Net Worth

Natti Natasha Net Worth

NameNatalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista
Age34 years old
Birthday10th December 1986
NationalityDominican republic
ProfessionSinger and songwriter
Net worth$1 million
Married singleSingle
Height5 feet 2 inches (1.58 m)
Weight50 kg
Birth PlaceSantiago de los Caballeros
Natti Natasha Net Worth

Natti Natasha Net Worth:- Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista, professionally known as Natti Natasha, is a Dominican singer and songwriter specializing in urban music. She was born on December 10, 1986, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. Natti Natasha Net Worth is $1 million as of 2021. Natti Natasha is a Dominican singer-songwriter that specializes in reggaeton, bachata, and Latin music. Natti has a net worth of over $1 million as a result of her music career.

Early life

Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista was born on December 10, 1986, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. Natti was influenced by Bob Marley, Jerry Rivera, and Lauryn Hill, among others. She continues to cite them as her most influential and favorite artists.

Natti Natasha Net Worth
Natti Natasha Net Worth

Her skill blossomed while she was singing in her church chorus. After seeing how, gifted Natti was, her parents supported her through her studies at the School of Fine Arts in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Natti enrolled at the age of eight.


Natti Natasha began singing when she was a child. Her connection to her church choir encouraged her to dabble in singing for the first time, where she had the chance to explain her talent and impress her parents, who, upon discovering how well she sang, decided to support her talent by enrolling her in one of the Dominican Republic’s most prestigious institutions: the School of Fine Arts in Santiago at the age of eight.

Natti Natasha discovered during her singing lessons that she possessed the vital interest to devote herself to professional singing in addition to a privileged voice. This motivated me to pursue an artistic career using the techniques taught in singing school.


One may argue that Natti Natasha’s career began when she was 14 years old, as she began dabbling in musical composition, composing, and singing her first songs at that age. Along with these attempts, the vocalist joined a musical group called “D’Style”; nevertheless, the group quickly disbanded, prompting the artist to consider pursuing a career in another field for a period.

Although she took a break from music for a few months, after recovering from the disappointment of her band’s disintegration, Natti Natasha began knocking on new doors; this time, she arrived at the studio of one of the Orfanato Music Group’s most prominent music producers, who had already had the opportunity to listen to his songs and extended an invitation to continue recording.

Natti Natasha Net Worth
Natti Natasha Net Worth

Natti Natasha and Don Omar

During her adolescence, she joined a musical ensemble named “D’Style” to learn how to dedicate her singing professionally. The group disintegrated, and Natti began looking for alternative employment. Natti Natasha was later contracted to the Orfanato Music Group.

Personal Life

Don Omar of Orfanato Music Group discovered her skills during her experimental years as an undiscovered musician. In 2011, they co-wrote the song “Dutty Love,” which became one of the biggest successes of 2012 and catapulted Natti Natasha’s career worldwide. This was a particularly popular song among Latin American audiences. Additionally, Natti was nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Natti Natasha Net Worth

Apart from her music career, she has performed as a guest star on numerous television shows. Natti has also appeared on the covers of magazines such as People (en Espanol). Natti Natasha now has over 28 million followers on Instagram, showing a sizable social media following.