TRENDS Reviews Reviews Reviews: Diana Fontanez has been dubbed a Hispanic celebrity, known for sharing her everyday activities, and has earned tens of thousands of followers on social media. She is a Spanish entrepreneur with a proven way to transform these zeroes into your money. She shares her goal of helping individuals share ideas for marketing, sales, and professional and personal development. Reviews Reviews

Well, her life wasn’t happy before when she chose to become women. He felt like a woman at the age of fifteen and admitted her transformation as women to his parents.

The Family of Fontanez embraced and supported her decision, but she was forbidden to go to church and school and was expelled from society. Reviews

How did she start?
She began her company with just $40 in 2006, which now generates thousands of dollars and leads her to be the most powerful direct sales office for Spanish consulting companies. Her Mas Dinero Y Web site was created which proved a great help for communicating with the needy.

She decided to leave the hippy life and joined the sales and marketing world where she was world-wide popular. Reviews Reviews

The result

Diana has also built a wide network of followers on her social media pages, in addition to her business, which she carries across the internet and her home comfort. She has over 330,000 Facebook fans and over 50,000 Instagram fans. She also puts her talent to make people laugh at Mas Dinero Y Fama Come’s comedy and drama and efforts.

Although Diana Fontanez has had many incidents and looks from the people, she is very happy that she lives in the city of Orlando.