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Frenxit Tablet Uses: Frenxit is a combination of Flupentixol and Melitracen preparation. Flupentixol is a type of Neuroleptic with antidepressant and anxiolytic properties when given in High doses, and Melitracen is a thymoleptic psychotic with activation Low Dose Property. The compound combinates to make an Anti-depressant, anxiolytic preparation and activating products.

Frenxit Tablet Uses
Frenxit Tablet Uses

Frenxit Tablet Uses

The combination flupentixol & melitracen is used in:

  • Psychological depression
  • Neurosis and Anxiety
  • Anxiety and apathy followed by psychosomatic affections
  • Depression via menopause
  • Depression of opioid addicts and the alcoholics.

When not using Frenxit Tablet

Tablet hypersensitivity to Frenxit is a contraindication. Therefore, you can not use Frenxit Tablet unless you have the following conditions:

  • Blood dyscripture
  • Circulatory loss
  • KAMA
  • Dementia of loathsome bodies
  • Syndrome QT Quick
  • Parkinson’s Illness
  • F√©ochromocytome
  • Tumours addicted to prolactin
  • Damage to subcortical brain
Frenxit Tablet Uses
Frenxit Tablet Uses

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