TRENDING Reviews Reviews Reviews:, the FTC saves your phone number to allow telecommunications providers to remove it. We will also collect your email address to confirm your registration if you register at We securely store your email address and never share it with telemarketers, separate from your telephone number. The national do not call registry of the federal government is a free and easy way to cut down on telemarketing calls. For a phone number to register, or to register information, visit, or call the telephone number to register at 1-888-382-1222. Reviews Reviews

You can still get sales calls from companies with which you recently made a business, even if you are in the national do not call list; you can also get calls if you have a written authorisation from the company to call. Reviews Reviews

You will have to ask the company to stop these calls – preferably in writing. to stop these calls. The company will be required to fulfill your application by law at that point. Reviews


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