Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies – How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis


Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies: Bacterial Vaginosis is one of the foremost common sorts of vaginal infection which women suffer from. Treatment for vaginosis ranges from antibiotics to bacterial vaginosis home remedy ideas. This infection is caused by the overgrowth of bad bacteria within the vagina.

Therefore any remedy must specialize in rebalancing the pH level so on allow the great bacteria to grow, fight, and control the infection causing bad bacteria. There are many bacterial vaginosis home remedies methods that can assist you accomplish this. Most of the house remedies for vaginosis cure are simple and totally natural.

For the majority of girls affected by vaginosis, the infection may be an explanation for embarrassment and irritation instead of a health issue. Bacterial vaginosis home remedy methods work well to alleviate such women of their embarrassment and agony.

Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies
Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies

Although not life-threatening recent research has indicated some connection between vaginosis and therefore the chances of girls contacting pelvic disease and HIV. In pregnant women, it enhances the probabilities of premature rupture of the membranes and premature birth. Hence doctors now routinely perform the specified tests to detect vaginosis in pregnant women.

Another interesting fact about vaginosis is that the absence of symptoms. the foremost common symptom which women can easily identify may be a thin, white grayish discharge with a peculiar fishy odor. The odor becomes unbearable when the discharge comes in touch with alkaline substances like soap and semen. Hence many ladies find the fishy odor more pronounced after a shower or after intercourse.

The purpose of this text is to spotlight the foremost probable causes of vaginosis and reliable bacterial vaginosis home remedy methods to cure the infection. Medical research is yet to spot the precise explanation for vaginosis. it’s not been ascertained on what causes the bacteria within the vagina to urge out of balance.

Common Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis

  • A fishy-smelling vaginal odor
  • A thin grayish, white discharge
  • Itching and burning
Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies
Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies

Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

If you want to use the more natural care approach than these guidelines on home remedies will be really helpful to you in treating this condition:

1. Plain yogurt with lactobacillus

Yogurt with active and live “lactobacillus” is one of the foremost effective b v cures. you’ll use it for vaginal application by dipping yogurt during a tampon or with the assistance of an applicator. This bacterial vaginosis home remedy works to rebalance the “good” and therefore the “bad” bacteria which is that the main explanation for the infection.

2. Tea tree oil suppositories or douches

Inserting diluted Tea tree oil suppositories into the vagina for up to six weeks is another one among the foremost useful bacterial vaginosis natural cures. Tea tree oil has potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is extremely effective in treating bacterial infections. However please note that this oil must not ever be applied directly to the vagina. In many ladies direct application causes allergies. make sure that you dilute the oil before use as per directions laid out in the label.

3. Grapefruit seed extract

Using a douche prepared with diluted grapefruit seed extract is another bacterial vaginosis home remedy. Mix one teaspoon of grapefruit seed extract with two cups of water for preparing the douche. a bit like tea tree oil this extract too should be diluted before use failing which it’s going to cause allergy.

4. Colloidal silver

The first bacterial vaginosis home remedy which I used was colloidal silver. you’ll take colloidal silver tablets or drops orally daily until the symptoms of the infection subside. Different brands of colloidal silver recommend different dosages which are generally laid out in the label. Read the label carefully and follow the directions for oral consumption.

Colloidal silver also can be used for vaginal application. Mix one part colloidal silver with 20 parts water. Dip a tampon during this mix and insert it into your vagina. The antibacterial properties of the colloidal silver are very useful to fight the infection-causing bacteria.

5. Oil of oregano

Oil of oregano is an important oil which is extracted from oregano leaves. it’s an excellent antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-inflammatory properties. counting on the make and strength of the sort available in your health store, dilute it with the juice of orange or lime, and drink it.

Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies
Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies

6. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are often taken internally in sort of tea or used for douching. to organize the douche take 2 teaspoons of the seeds, add liter water and warmth for a half-hour . Strain and make use of the decoction within the douche.

7. Lady finger

Another effective bacterial vaginosis home remedy method is to form the use of ladyfinger. Prepare a decoction by boiling 100gm of the vegetable in half a liter of water. Keep boiling till the number of water reduces to half. Strain and consume 60-90ml a minimum of 3-4 times daily until all the symptoms of vaginosis subside.

8. Use Beta-Dine and crystal violet

Beta-dine also as crystal violet is both excellent in countering Candida vulvovaginitis. Betadine is an important home treatment for the antiseptic iodine bacterial vaginosis but should be stopped during breastfeeding to prevent bacterial vaginosis. crystal violet is an efficient antifungal stain and effective in relieving the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. the disadvantage is that they’re messy and leave stains. Some women have reported allergies to either or both of them.

9. Using Boric Acid Douche

A boric acid douche is a perfect thanks to acidifying the vaginal pH. This BV procedure stops the proliferation of harmful bacteria and kills those existing. A drawback is that some women seem to be over-sensitive to the present douche.

Summer’s Eve medicated douche, containing iodide has also proved to be an efficient method of lowering the vaginal pH. Another bacterial vaginosis home remedy that has proven to be efficient maybe a vinegar douche containing a mix of 1 tablespoon of vinegar per quart of warm water.

10. Dieting Issues

Foods containing yeast, like for instance cheese – especially cheese containing molds, like bleu, sugar, vinegar, alcohol, soy sauce, chocolate, fruits, and fermented foods should be avoided.

11. Homeopathy

Homeopathy has proven to figure against BV. Common remedies for homeopathic preparations are sepia and pulsatilla.

12. Using Cold Compresses

Cold compresses can relieve swelling and itching. once you place a chilly cloth on the affected area, the blood vessels become constricted which then makes the affected area less swollen and red.

13. Taking a Warm Bath

A warm bath or a shallow hip bath is often an efficient bacterial vaginosis remedy because it’s very soothing to irritated genital tissues. Soap should be avoided because it eliminates a number of the natural oils of the skin.

Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies
Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Bacterial Vaginosis

The first thing you want to bear in mind is that the incontrovertible fact that the unpleasant odor related to vaginosis can’t be masked by using perfumed products. Your condition will only worsen if you create use of those products which contain are usually alcohol-based and contain chemicals.

Next, you want to also concentrate on what you eat. you ought to have a healthy diet comprising of fresh vegetables, grains, and water. Flax seeds are particularly useful to fight bacterial infections.

Oats are additionally an efficient bacterial vaginosis home remedy. Oats have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Prepare a paste by mixing one tablespoon of ground fine oats and water. Apply this paste within the vaginal are from relief from itchiness and inflammation.

Due to its strong acidic properties, fruit juice is taken into account to be one of the simplest bacterial vaginosis home remedies to tackle vaginosis. Consuming pure and fresh fruit juice daily can keep the bad bacteria faraway from multiplying within the vagina. It thus stops the infection from spreading and ensures a speedy recovery.

Bacterial vaginosis home remedy methods are one of the simplest ways to urge obviate the matter permanently. this sort of treatment for vaginosis concentrates on removing the basis explanation for the matter and restoring the natural vaginal flora. Home remedies combined with lifestyle changes will make sure that you get obviate the matter once and for all.

Final Words

The key to getting obviate vaginosis permanently is in restoring the natural bacterial flora within the vagina. the simplest thanks to do that is with the assistance of with bacterial vaginosis home remedy which are simple to use and effective. There also are an enormous range of other bacterial vaginosis home remedies that ladies have wont to successfully get obviate their BV permanently, even after a few years of affected by BV and using antibiotics.

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